Friday, July 3, 2009


I've just added to my website a collection of my bags that I've been making up. Check them out under "Ready made".   With school holidays and kids and birthdays it's been a bit chaotic at my place this last week.  They've all gone home now, so maybe I can get some more rag rugs made up and maybe a few more bags to take to the Handmade Expo at Warwick for the Jumpers and Jazz Festival on 18th July.


  1. Hi Val,

    See you in Warwick in 2 weeks... looking forward to it.


  2. You know the dark one looks like tooled leather and the other like straw. Very very pretty.
    And you lucky girl to be going to Ireland...give Micki a hug for me...

  3. Hi Nanci
    I wouldn't be able to contain my excitement if I was going to Ireland, and I would indeed consider myself very lucky, however our Warwick is only an hour's drive away. I believe it was named after its English counterpart. I know there were early Irish settlers in the area and the surrounding towns have Irish names. My daughter has been to Ireland (I have never left our Australian shores) and she says the area does resemble Ireland. It's a very pretty area.