Sunday, July 26, 2009


At the moment this "thing" is totally alien to me, but in time it is going to become my friend.
It's supposed to be able to do something about the overeating and underexercising that has been happening at my place over the last few months when food has become my close companion while the weather has been cooler. At the moment, I HATE this "thing", otherwise known as a Crosstrainer, but I know in time I will LOVE it. I don't like exercise, but I also don't like being fat and if anyone has a better solution to the 3 letter "F" word, please let me know. This morning, I had my appointment with my daughter and owner of the dreaded machine and she is going to be my taskmaster and keep me on the straight and narrow. All I managed was 8 minutes and here I am 2 hours later and I'm still trying to stand upright on my legs. How embarrassing!! I will let you know how I progress. Anyone care to join me?

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