Thursday, June 25, 2009


Nanci thought she might like the recipe for my mum's rainbow cake, so here it is.  Definitely not recommended if you're wanting to lose weight!!

1/2lb butter (225g according to my scales)
2 cups castor sugar
6 eggs (hope your chooks are laying)
2 cups flour
1 cup milk
2 tablespoons cocoa (for the chocolate layer)
3 teasp baking powder
Vanilla Essence
Pink Colouring

Beat butter and sugar, cream well
Add 3 eggs and a little flour to prevent curdling
Add rest of eggs and essence
Add milk and sifted dry ingredients (not cocoa)
Divide evenly into 3 bowls.  Add cocoa to one bowl and colour one pink, and leave one as it is
Cook 20-25mts in 400 degrees oven (that's about 200 Celcius, but I didn't have it quite that hot)
Layer the cakes and join together with icing.


  1. What is castor sugar? We here in the colonies of Canada have lots of sugars, but don't know that definitely making this...what's a few thousand more calories anyway...

  2. Thanks Val for the recipe - might try it out myself one day and castor sugar is more refined than normal white sugar.. I don't know what it would be called over in Canada!


  3. Hi Nanci, I did spell it wrong - should be Caster Sugar. Does that help?
    It's just ordinary sugar only finer so it's easier to cream with the butter. You would have an equivalent, but obviously it's known by a different name.