Monday, June 22, 2009


Last week I got a Love Ya  Award from Miriam from Bubba Chenille.  Because I'm really new to blogging it was a lovely surprise.  I really still don't quite know what I'm doing!!  The idea is that I have to pass on the award to others.  I'm having so much trouble deciding who the 8 should be that I just can't choose at the moment.  Sorry if this seems like a cop out, but there are so many blogs that I enjoy following.  I have made up the list of 7 things about myself though.

  1. My first patchwork quilt was a handpieced Grandmother's Flower Garden.  Because I'd never actually heard of the quilting process, I just put a backing on it.
  2. The first "proper" quilt that I ever made was pink, blue and white.  Wow - have my tastes changed!!  It was queen size, all needle turned applique and all hand quilted with beautiful tiny quilting stitches.  Today I wouldn't even dream of taking on such a project and my quilting stitches have grown considerably larger.
  3. My favourite TV programme at the moment is Master Chef which is a bit weird as I don't even like cooking.
  4. I had 3 babies by the time I was 24.  My oldest daughter doesn't like people thinking I'm her big sister any more than I do.  It happens all the time.
  5. It also happens that people get Janet from Gottabee Country   confused with me all the time.  People insist that we're sisters if not twins.  We're not actually related at all.
  6. One time I accidentally wore odd shoes to church.
  7. I was brought up on a dairy farm, but have never liked to drink milk. 

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