Saturday, January 1, 2011


l always try to have a selection of rag balls ready for the next rug. The way I expect it to look is often quite different from the way it turns out so a change of plan is often on the agenda.  This combination is very similiar to the last rug I made, so I'm confident about this one.  Usually I find if I have a common colour running through all the different fabrics I'm happy with the end result. It's a bit tedious getting the fabric to the rag ball stage, but after that is all good fun.

Armstrong has come to visit for just a few days while his mother takes a break. He's a gorgeous black labrador with the most adorable nature. Dermott is trying very hard not to be jealous. It's not easy when you feel just a little threatened for attention but so far he's doing well.

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  1. Hi Val, I am keen to do another crochet rug soon, so will be cutting and rolling in the coming weeks. I always end up with a bit of RSI from cutting up so much fabric, and also with the crocheting!! Yours are always beautiful. My effort is probably one or two a year to sell at the Quilt show craft stall. Di.