Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I just want to tell you about Washpool Farm.  I bought this soap for my dog from them at Stanthorpe .  His skin is quite sensitive and I thought I'd give this soap a try.  I found it works beautifully and since I gave him a bath with it yesterday - no scratching - YAY -  he's much happier.  They don't just make animal soaps, but they make them for people too, but I've not tried mine out yet.  Melissa & Juanita make their own soaps, and the ones I really liked were wrapped in wool that they'd felted themselves.  Very nice.  By the way, I have no connection with them, but they were such friendly bubbly girls who believe so totally in their product, that I just knew it was going to work for me.  


  1. Whenever I take my westie to the groomer I ask for an oatmeal bath as it's very good for sensitive skinned dogs. Westies are notorious for having skin disorders. Brushing is always best for them.
    I love your rag rugs. I hope you did well at the market. Your table sure looked wonderful and lots of neat stuff.

  2. Thank you for this site Val. I will definitely be trying their soap for my dry old skin and be telling my daughter about the dog soap. She has a poodle cross who gets sensitive skin on his belly.

  3. Thanks for the compliments Val - that's one cute pooch you've got there.

    I've tried to continue my soap felting journey. There's something in my nature that won't leave stones unturned. :0 I'm trying to needle felt patterns (dry felting) onto wool tops before wrapping them up and wet felting. It's posing some technical challenges but I haven't given up. Melissa.