Monday, March 1, 2010


I wonder what a group of rag rugs is called.  Maybe it's a pile, or a stack, or a heap, but in my case it's more like a mountain.  These are a few of the rag rugs that I'll be taking to Stanthorpe next week end as I have a stall at their Apple & Grape Festival.  It's in the civic center, and if you can possibly make the trek to the little border town, I promise you there's lots to see and do and loads of fun to be had.  It will be well worth the drive from where you live.  My two grand daughters who live there will be in the Grand Parade.  It's one of  Chloe's duties in her newly acquired position as School Captain.  I am of course a very proud Mum-ma.

This was the view of my drive way this morning.  You can see the fog, but fortunately you can't feel the wet and the wind in this photo.  I think Toowoomba has just about been blown off the top of the hill today.  I've been listening to ABC local radio and feel for all the people in Charleville and Roma who have flood waters through their properties.  Even good things  have a down side.  I'm hoping the weather will have enough time to fine up and be perfect for the Apple & Grape on the week end.


  1. Gosh! How are your arms and hands holding up? Good luck at Stanthorpe and hopefully you will come back with quite a few less bath mats. PS Love your colours.

  2. I'm looking forward to it to Val, See you Saturday! BTW loving your mountain!

  3. Oh good luck on the weekend Val...I hope you do sooooo great