Thursday, January 28, 2010


The name describes them beautifully.  You'll now find the Hedgerow fabrics are listed on my website along with these ones called Worn and Loved.  I've still got a few from Mollys Meadow to list yet, but they might have to wait until tomorrow.

I'm also still rag rugging along trying to get a stockpile in readiness for upcoming markets.  A big thankyou to my friend Jenny who rescued some of the fabrics I used in this one.  The old sheets were destined to become rags and I'm so glad she thought of me and grabbed them in the nick of time.  I'm not sure that I would sleep too well between  black or purple sheets, but obviously a preference for some.  Maybe I've been missing out on something!  Still, I think I'll stick to my boring white ones that I love.  My favourite rag rugging time is early morning before the rest of the world at my place start to look for breakfast.  I'm noticing though that I'm getting up in the dark now.  The days are certainly becoming shorter.  A good sign indeed if you're like me and really struggle with the heat.


  1. Oh that reminded me of purple satin sheets I bought in the 70s. OMG, what was I thinking. Not only that, but I couldn't stay in the bed! I kept sliding off and the pillow kept taking off.
    I now buy mainly white, or creme shades of sheets.
    I see those colours in Goodwill all the time, I suppose everyone feels the same...what were they thinking.
    Good for little rugs!

  2. Mmmm purple sheets , not for me I like white ones too . I love rag rugs and must put that on my neverending to do list .