Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I've had a lovely time helping to paint two young girls bedrooms this week.  They chose their own colours, so we've got one pretty blue room - very girly for Chloe.

And of course Naomi chose a soft pink.  She's a pink girl and she is going to LOVE her new room.  All gorgeous and fresh and oh so pretty.

I can't forget that  I've got a market coming up, so I went all prepared to do some rag rugging in the evening while we watched a movie.  This one is pastels and pretty.  They know I like "nice" movies, so we watched "The Life of Dan".  Chloe made us lunch of pasta salad  followed by her carrot cake.   She's just 12 and more than capable in the kitchen.  My son in law cooked us roast chicken for dinner, so I   enjoyed every moment.  Even the painting is fun when everyone lends a hand.

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  1. There's nothing like spending the day with family is there?
    I have a granddaughter who loves to cook also. She makes awesome brownies...
    Your little critter in the house is very cute and heh, he needs a house too!