Thursday, November 5, 2009


We had a wet night tonight for the opening of Christmas in the Country craft show, but let me tell you nobody was complaining about the rain. We drove through a pretty scary downpour on the way there with huge flashes of lightening, and I must admit I did wonder for a while if we'd done the right thing to venture out on such a wild night. The cucumber sandwiches we were served on arrival were very yum and very welcome and although I was tempted with the wine to settle me down, the punch did the trick.
I think everybody enjoyed the evening and most shopping baskets I spotted were filled to overflowing. I know some lucky people will be opening some very special gifts this Christmas.
As usual with our summer storms, not everybody had a lucky spot under a rain cloud. It was disappointing to come home and find that we'd had very little at our place, but I'm sure that those people who got some rain tonight will be very happy and feel very blessed.


  1. Your stall looks good Val, hope you have a very successful couple of days. Sorry to hear you didn't get the rain, maybe next time. We got about 12mm at Glenvale. Enought to water my very thirsty roses.

  2. I dont know how much we got here in Laidley but it was a massive storm, massive amount of rain and we lost power for hours! At least I got lots of beauty slee-p !

  3. Well, it's amazing that we got downpours also here in Canada! Wierd weather these days!
    I love cucumber sandwiches, my kids ask for them all the time...must bring back childhood memeories.
    Good luck at the Craft Show!

  4. AAHHH Rain I vaguely remember what that is! LOL
    Sounds like every one had a good time!