Sunday, April 26, 2009


I can see that my pile of Granny Squares from Naomi's jumper is going to take me longer to join up than I thought they would, so I'm going to have to leave them for a bit because I have to make up a Tote Bag that I want to put in my next advertisement for Country Threads. I want to show off my new fabrics and thought a simple pieced bag would work well.  I'll take a photo when it's done.  


  1. I used to crochet. Made, if I remember that long ago, about a thousand of those and swore never again, but as things go, they are coming back and I have wool...who knows..
    very cute colours, blue and brown...

  2. Have you got a pattern for these squares Val....I know they are really simple but just not sure how to start them off and end off. I love crocheting but I'm hopeless beginning. I would love to do these as I think they would be great to sit and do at night time and then maybe by next winter I might have enough done to make a rug!!!!! I finally finished my crochet bag that is then felted. I think its better for a knitting bag myself but it does look nice.