Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It's been a wet soggy Christmas here in Queensland. We lived for many years in this farm house and in our memory the Condamine River has never before been so high. The water needed to rise only another 2" or so before it would have come right into the house, but thankfully it stopped  rising just in time. You can see some of our cotton crop, and while cotton doesn't mind good soaking rain it really doesn't like having it's feet quite this wet.
Some of the neighbouring homes weren't quite so lucky and the SES were kept busy with evacuations.
This photo shows our water storage dam entirely surrounded by water. The buildings and sheds you can see are inundated with water and the little bit of green at the top of the photo is more cotton just poking it's head out of the water. When I first moved to our farm, we lived in one of those buildings. I'm pretty happy that I don't live there right now. I'm so thankful that where we live now is high and dry. 
The waiting game to see just how much of our cotton has survived not only the water logging, but many days of cool and cloudy weather is about to begin. The season which looked so promising a month ago has deteriorated rapidly.
Our hearts and prayers are with those in other areas as well who have lost much and who are dealing with the devastation.


  1. Val my thoughts are with you stay safe

  2. I was thinking of my blogging friends in Australia last night when the news report was showing the flooded areas.
    The heavens know of your generosity in life, so it seems you have been spared somewhat.
    Mold would be the worst wouldn't it? Stay safe.