Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another Rag Rug

I'm always on the lookout for big volumes of fabric for making my rag rugs. My daughter came along with me to my favourite Vinnies Shop recently and when she spotted fabric with lime green highlights she was convinced that it was the perfect ingredients for my next one. Of course I'm always looking for more earthy colours, but she insisted and so another rag rug was born. Even my camera balked at photographing these unfamiliar colours, but you know maybe I could get to like bright colours..........


  1. OMG...I couldn't believe you were back! I thought you had given up the ghost Val. you disappeared in November.
    How are you doing? Hooking away I see, but in any event, I missed you!
    Welcome back!
    and Merry Christmas

  2. Hi Val, just came across your blog! Do you have any tutorials on making a rug like this? I have looked up on google and understand they are easy but still dont seem to Get It! lol great blog too!