Monday, September 20, 2010


You know a function has been well organised and planned to perfection when it all appears to run smoothly and everybody is happy and friendly and it all looks too easy. That is how Spring Into The Country at  Geham  was over the week end. The girls did an amazing job and it was an excellent market. I loved being there and being part of it and meeting and talking to people who have similar interests. Even the rain held off for us - well it did until it was time to pack up! But it wouldn't have mattered as that is why undercover markets have so much to offer.

I was ecstatic to find some old rolling pins there and this was my "big" purchase for the weekend (we won't talk about the fudge).  I already had a few, so only 2 of these are my new ones. The ones I love most are the ones with the green and red handles. Gorgeous aren't they, and how she could part with them for just $5.00 is a mystery to me. Thankyou Sharon if you happen to read this. They will be well loved in my home.

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