Thursday, September 2, 2010


Much as I love the "men" in my life, I get very upset when my tools disappear on a regular basis.  But today I realised there is a solution and I think it might just work.  I don't have a problem with my sewing tape measure which is regarded as second class by all but me, but I do have a problem with the other type of tape measure which you buy at the hardware shop.  I use that type too, as we do quite a lot of house renovating, so I'm always measuring something or other.  That's where Lincraft comes in.  Do you think he'll be "brave" enough to claim this one for himself?

It's not quite perfect in that it only has centimeter measurements, but I think I can cope with that.

An other problem area is my stapler.  I lose track of how many I buy, so where they disappear to is a complete mystery to me.

Lincraft have a variety of tools - all very pretty and girly.  So I may just have just have to pay them another visit and expand my range. (I'm sure you'll find them places other than Lincraft, but I just happened to find them there)


  1. What about a stanley knife? My DH always took my knife and I never saw it again. Don't even own one now as given up. That stapler is cute - I may have to pop down to Lincraft just for one of those! Di

  2. very cute tools,not for a man who doesn't eat quiche! I have pink stuff but am always using my sweetie's as his is real heavy tapes with great holders.
    Also use his clamps for holding down quilts for basting.