Thursday, April 15, 2010


I found myself minding this little man in my life yesterday, and as it was the Toowoomba Show holiday, we decided to take some time out and brave the show with a 4 year old.  Now, I do know there were quilts there because I caught a glimpse of them in the distance, and I'm sure there were other crafts there too, but must say I didn't actually see any of it.  It didn't take me long to realise that 4 year olds aren't really very interested in the more cultured side of the local show.  I soon learned to interpret "Now, let's do something fun, Mum-ma" as "I want to go to sideshow alley and have some more rides".    Along with the dodgem cars, jumping castle, chips and balloons he did have a lot of fun and his mum tells me he's talked about nothing else since.  I think Grandad was secretly very excited to have a good excuse for this dodgem car experience without looking totally like an old man trying to recapture his youth.

Must say that we thoroughly enjoyed John Williamson's Great Australian Muster, despite being just about frozen solid because we hadn't planned to stay for the evening programme and had neglected to bring enough warm clothing.  We came home feeling very proud to be Australian.

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  1. You must have thin blood! How cold is cold for an Aussie to be "frozen". Here in Ontario we wear shorts in the 50s cause we are tough!
    There isn't a better day than a day with a grandchild! None!