Friday, October 30, 2009


My November Lillies know that November will be here tomorrow and are looking their best for the occasion. They're gorgeous this year, and along with the Jacarandas that are all over town looking magnificent with their purple canopy I'm reminded that the year is coming to a close. I always think of exam time at this time of the year when the Jacarandas flower, but it's nice not to feel the pressure of exams any more.
I know the girls from Gatton are busy, busy, busy preparing for another great craft show. Do try to make it if you can. I'm sure you'll not be disappointed. It's on Friday 6th & Saturday 7th November which is only next week. The weather has been lovely too, so I'm hoping it will stay that way. The venue is air-conditioned though, so just in case the hot weather sets in, it will still be comfortable inside.


  1. The flowers are lovely. Your photo is outstanding too by the way.
    Here in Canada we await the snow season, our leaves are leaving the trees by the thousands today as we have a blustery day.

  2. Hello Val, love your November Lillie's, foggy here today...Warm Regards Lyn