Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I wonder why I thought that after a dust storm I could simply wipe the dust off all surfaces and that would be the end of all dust in sight. Now I know I thought very wrong. I have wiped with all the latest "you beaut dust clinging" expensive super market wipes you can get only to find that they are next to useless. Obviously they only test them in super clean environments. I have wiped with damp wipes, and rewiped with damp wipes and mopped floors and remopped floors. It seems that every time I dust and wipe and mop that no sooner do I turn around and it's all back again. I do believe that my place would put even Shannon Lush to the test. I don't have her books, but I do hear her on ABC Radio at times, and she makes cleaning actually sound like fun. The fun has worn a bit thin with me at the moment. I'm hoping that the weather man knows what he's talking about when he says there might be a shower of rain later in the week. I'm thinking it might be the only solution.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. Have just posted about this too! Bring on the rain.