Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I noticed 2 of my grandsons using the fruit off my cumquat tree for target practise the other day, so I decided there would have to be a much better use for them.  After rescuing the ones they didn't completely demolish, I decided that the only thing I'd heard of using them for is jam. Now, I have tried on many occasions to like marmalade, but I just don't.  Whether it was the tedious cutting up these tiny little fruit or the copious amounts of sugar that I used, I'm not sure, but I actually quite liked the end result.  As you can see by the photo, I even gave my jar a little bonnet, just like Grandma would have.  My half kilo of fruit made up 2 jars, but my son in law got the other one.  I think he'll like it too.

And while we're spending time in the kitchen, I want to show you this gorgeous cushion.  It's one of Sally Giblin's (from The Rivendale Collection) patterns.  I've just added quite a few of her new patterns (and some not so new) to my website.  You'll find them on this link.  I'd much rather stitch a recipe that cook it, so I think this would suit me very well.  I can even see it looking equally as gorgeous in country colours.  

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  1. Too funny about the kids. My grandson and friend were whopping away at the forest at the back of the cottage! It was total destruction of weeds, thankfully.