Sunday, March 8, 2009


I have been working on a new Meme Quilt pattern called "Dashing Through the Snowcones".  I love Meme Quilt designs because they're so simple and fun.  I'm going to hand quilt this one.  I've got some Warm & Natural because it's so cosy, and the next job is to get get it tacked ready to quilt.
I keep thinking of the cooler weather just around the corner and this quilt is such a lovely winter's night quilt to curl up with on the couch, along with a good movie or even better - a good book.
It measures 52"x62", and I'm giving you a sneak preview before I get it tacked.  If you're interested in this one as a kit, I can supply the exact same fabrics at the moment for $120.00.  It won't be on my website until it's finished, but you can contact me by email through our website.

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