Sunday, March 28, 2010


I know I created this blog to be a crafting blog, but really there's not much crafting happening at my place lately.  I'm spending all my spare time painting and hoping like crazy that the painter will still make a miraculous appearance.  I don't hold out too much hope, but maybe.............
As I walked out the door on my way to church this Sunday morning, I had a timely reminder that today is indeed a day of rest.  There was certainly one person member of our household who was intent on holding to that belief and had himself very comfy on our couch.  I'm going to be a dog next time - in fact I'm going to be MY dog next time............

Saturday, March 20, 2010


When you get to have a 70th wedding anniversary, you receive letters of congratulations from all manner of important people.  That is exactly what my parents have achieved this month, and Prime Minister Kevin and his wife Therese were amongst quite a few who sent their well wishes.  Others included the Queen, the Premier of Queensland, the Governor of Queensland right down to our Mayor and our Local Member of Parliament.  I do think though that staying married for 70 years is definitely quite an achievement and deserves sincere congratulations.  

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I just want to tell you about Washpool Farm.  I bought this soap for my dog from them at Stanthorpe .  His skin is quite sensitive and I thought I'd give this soap a try.  I found it works beautifully and since I gave him a bath with it yesterday - no scratching - YAY -  he's much happier.  They don't just make animal soaps, but they make them for people too, but I've not tried mine out yet.  Melissa & Juanita make their own soaps, and the ones I really liked were wrapped in wool that they'd felted themselves.  Very nice.  By the way, I have no connection with them, but they were such friendly bubbly girls who believe so totally in their product, that I just knew it was going to work for me.  

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I'm back from a wonderful weekend at Stanthorpe's Apple & Grape Festival.  Visitors loved Chloe's lavender owls and they sold well.  Her little "owl" purse is bulging as her funds towards her trip to Italy next month have increased enormously. 
She is now working on increasing Chlo-Bo Designs range of products.  She's got chickens and now owls and we're waiting to see what's next.

This is my table of rag rugs that I had at the Civic Center for the week end.  I took this photo just as we set up.  There were lots of visitors to the market and I didn't get a chance to get another photo of the crowd.  I talked to lots of lovely people and heard many stories as early childhood memories were jolted.  Rag rugs certainly played a part in many people's lives.  One man had tears in his eyes as he told me about his Grandmother teaching him to crochet a rag rug back in England when he was a child.  He was quite moved by a memory he'd completely forgotten about and thanked me for bringing it back.  I know rag rugs were made in America and Australia, but obviously they were made in other parts of the world too.  I loved that I could play a small part in helping people recall a little bit of their family history.  I listened too, as Grandmothers explained to their grand daughters a little bit of what their lives were like when they were young.  What a wonderful experience.

I'll be updating my rag rugs section of my website now that I know which ones I have left over.  Just got to get a few things organised and find a little bit of time.  Should get to it in the next day or so.

Monday, March 1, 2010


I wonder what a group of rag rugs is called.  Maybe it's a pile, or a stack, or a heap, but in my case it's more like a mountain.  These are a few of the rag rugs that I'll be taking to Stanthorpe next week end as I have a stall at their Apple & Grape Festival.  It's in the civic center, and if you can possibly make the trek to the little border town, I promise you there's lots to see and do and loads of fun to be had.  It will be well worth the drive from where you live.  My two grand daughters who live there will be in the Grand Parade.  It's one of  Chloe's duties in her newly acquired position as School Captain.  I am of course a very proud Mum-ma.

This was the view of my drive way this morning.  You can see the fog, but fortunately you can't feel the wet and the wind in this photo.  I think Toowoomba has just about been blown off the top of the hill today.  I've been listening to ABC local radio and feel for all the people in Charleville and Roma who have flood waters through their properties.  Even good things  have a down side.  I'm hoping the weather will have enough time to fine up and be perfect for the Apple & Grape on the week end.